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Hill & Ponton created VA TurboClaim to help veterans easily file their initial claims. We get 100’s of calls from veterans who haven’t yet filed an initial claim and we aim to make that process simple and easy.

claims process

Not sure where to get started? VA TurboClaim will help you determine what type of claim you are eligible to file and connect to your VA account to verify eligibility to use our software

Submit claims

VA TurboClaim electronically connects to the VA through secure web APIs. You can submit a claim and then check the status for updates

Easy to Use Support

We built VA TurboClaim to translate VA speak into something that you can understand. If you still have questions, use our support center and live chat to get assistance using the software

File Your Claim with VA TurboClaim

Easy to Use Software

We started with the goal of simplifying the process for filing a disability claim. First, we streamlined the form process to explain confusing lingo and make it simple for everyone. Second, we built our application to talk directly to the VA servers. That means we can verify that your claim was submitted and you can check that status right from VA TurboClaim

How Our Claim Process Works

Our software walks you through the claim process step-by-step. Fill out the necessary information in a single session or if you need more time you can save and continue over days.


Create a secure account and link to your VA information

Submit your Applicaion

Fill out our forms. Save and Continue as Needed.

Track your claim

Get immediate status from the VA computer system to verify your submission and check status

Get our support

Get answers to your questions in our help center

Frequently asked questions

No. VA TurboClaim is free to use for filing initial and supplemental claims.

No. VA TurboClaim is built and maintained by Hill & Ponton, PA. We are a law firm that has worked with 1000’s of veterans over the last 30-years. We wanted to create an easy way for veterans to file claims.

We use industry-standard security protocols to store any information you enter in the VA TurboClaim application. All Personal Health Information (PHI) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is saved in an encrypted database.

The Veterans Administration has strict procedures on what we can do with your information. Any information you upload or provide will only be used to submit to the Veterans Administration as part of a claim that you authorize for us to submit.

Depending on the type of claim that you submit, you can either check the status on VA TurboClaim or by logging into the va.gov website.